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  • About This Tool

    • What is the purpose of this tool?

      The goal of this tool is to help growers make cost-effective risk-based decisions when implementing food safety practices as a result of having animals in their field and the potential for fecal contamination of raw produce. This tool provides a simple and accessible method of prioritizing changes to improve food safety, given as recommendations based on survey answers, specifically related to animal intrusion, fecal contamination, and other factors that influence the spread of that contamination. The tool calculates the easiest to implement changes with the greatest food safety impact and identifies those practices for action first. Changes that are harder to implement with a lower food safety impact can be implemented later.

    • When should a grower use this tool?

      The Produce Safety Rule describes that a grower must “take measures reasonably necessary during growing to assist you later during harvest when you must identify, and not harvest, covered produce that is reasonably likely to be contaminated.” Therefore, this tool is designed to be used by a grower prior at the start of a growing season when they are planning and developing an animal intrusion and contamination standard operating procedures (SOPs) or when there is a change in animal activity on adjacent land or within the operation. A grower should complete this tool on at least an annual basis since the recommendations will adjust based on changes made on the farm over the previous year. 

    • What farming operation factors does this tool consider?

      This tool was specifically created to ask questions surrounding the presence of animals in and around produce fields. In addition, the tool asks questions about neighboring land use, irrigation, and animal activity which are all factors that influence the risk of fecal contamination on raw produce. If the user would like a more overarching tool that encompasses all areas of food safety practices, they should use the Decision Support Tool for Grower Adoption of Food Safety Practices.